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Our Mission

The Association of Litigation Funders defines and maintains best practice in the litigation funding industry of England and Wales, and in so doing promotes access to justice for claimants looking for alternative financing in order to resolve disputes.

Our role is to:


    • Ensure practice and ethical behaviour amongst litigation funders.


    • Ensure better access to justice by working to improve the use and application of litigation funding as part of the rational management of financial risk in dispute resolution.


    • Shape the legal and regulatory framework by actively lobbying the government and legislators, and engaging with other regulators and policy makers in the UK.


    • Make England and Wales the world leader in litigation funding provision by protecting claimants through the clear stipulation and enforcement of rules of engagement.


    • Be the voice of the litigation funding industry in England and Wales.


  • Raise the profile of litigation funding and its uses with the public and the media.