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About Us

The Association of Litigation Funders (the ALF) is an independent body that has been charged by the Ministry of Justice with delivering self-regulation of litigation funding in England and Wales.

Litigation funding is the provision by a third party of finance to a party to litigation or arbitration, which is used to pay for the legal costs of the dispute, in exchange for the funder taking a share of the proceeds in the event of a successful outcome.

The litigation funding industry has established and paid for its own regulation and defined best practice, protecting claimants who seek the rational management of financial risk in litigation and arbitration.

By working with a Funder Member of the ALF, parties accessing litigation funding are assured that they will find an organisation that meets the high quality standards that should define this industry. Our Code of Conduct sets out the standards by which all Funder Members of the ALF must abide. It sets the standards for the capital adequacy of funders, sets out the specific, limited circumstances in which funders may be permitted to withdraw from a case, and outlines the way in which the roles of funders, litigants and their lawyers should be kept separate. The ALF also maintains robust and efficient complaints handling procedures.

We actively engage with government, legislators, regulators and other policy makers to shape the regulatory environment for litigation funding in England and Wales. Claimants and their lawyers are therefore urged to work only with those funders who are approved members of the ALF.

We also welcome inquiries from any parties interested in learning more about the litigation funding industry or our members.